"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage"

The Trip

This is the first text page of the web site of Vantage’s Grand Norwegian Coastal Voyage up the west coast of Norway from south to north and back. There will be many photographs here. Some links will lead to photo albums of related photographs with little text. There will be navigation buttons on the topof the albums. You can pick the photos to look at more closely or run them all as a slide show. The photo gallery will open in a new browser page. Just delete it when you are ready to continue with the main web site. The navigation links on the left will lead to the major divisions of this site.airplane

For many on this cruise, the start was on a Lufthansa flight that led to a transfer at Frankfort airport. This airport is almost more a mall than a terminal. There you could find anything from a $1 newspaper to a $10,000 Leica camera. But in all cases the flights ended up in Bergen.

Frankfort Airport

You can see an album of photos of the flight from Oslo to Bergen if you wish. To go to the next section click on Program Manager on the navigation bar on the left. To go directly to a section on Bergen click here.